To My Darling, My Love, My Human

By Eleni Andonatos Schellenburg   I smell something nice; I smell something great: It’s the trash from the snacks and the food on my plate!    Forgive me, please feed me, I won’t wait forever. On the desk, on a chest, I’ll eat it wherever.    Once I hunger no longer, I’ll jump on mother’sContinue reading “To My Darling, My Love, My Human”

And Church Lay Silent

By Mayan Godmaire It  lay in the grass.  From  the other side of the rutted road, it appeared to sleep. The plants flourished around it, nourished, it seemed, by its presence. Beneath my own feet the harsh beige stalks of winter wheat sprouted grimly. I was transfixed. My gaze, glassed over, searched the  naked thingContinue reading “And Church Lay Silent”