2018 Editorial

Dear readers,

Our group of graduating students in the Literature Profile have worked on making this Creations Literary Journal available online for the first time since its publication in 2001. Here you will find everything creative and nothing dull! Our aim is to publish the creative works of Dawson students in the Arts, Literature and Communication program in order to bring about more beauty and colour into the world, all with the power of words.


The 2018 Creations editors


  • Maria Bobotsis
  • Cristopher Derfel
  • Emily Der Arakelian
  • Amanda Khabie
  • Yi-Wen Lin
  • Atalina Popov

With faculty support from:

Pauline Morel and Jeffrey Gandell, Department of English

We would like to thank the following people for their generous support:

  • Nelly Muresan, ALC Coordinator
  • Andréa Cole, Dean of Creative and Applied Arts
  • Wolfgang Krotter, Assistant Dean

We would also like to thank Matthew Ste-Marie at Dawson’s print shop for his technical assistance


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